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12 Reasons Businesses Should Invest Heavily Into Online Marketing After Lockdown

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12 Reasons Businesses Should Invest Heavily Into Online Marketing After LockdownAs Covid-19 restrictions are slowly eased, and we emerge into something resembling normality post-pandemic, many companies will be taking stock and planning their next moves carefully.As a result of the pandemic, marketing has undergone a giant leap, and more emphasis has been placed on the internet. Online has become the “new economic hub” for so many people (specifically consumers), and more businesses are going online every day.While the stage is set for you to jump online and get yourself, new clients, there are a lot of processes to follow and a lot of variables to consider (especially in the case of a professional business). Things like knowing how to run ads, understanding SEO, web design and functionality, and most importantly social media. All these factors play a massive role in your business’ success online as marketing before Covid and post-Covid has changed greatly. Compared to online advertising tools made available at a minimal cost, most of the basic traditional marketing strategies used in the past yielded very few results at a higher cost.That’s why the best time to level up your business was yesterday, the second-best time is TODAY!Consumer behaviour has changed significantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and brand marketing strategies and objectives have been thrown out the window. As governments across the world deliberate, escalate and de-escalate lockdown strategies, businesses have been forced to adapt to a new reality.Businesses and their marketing teams can leverage these insights to revise and optimize their digital marketing strategies. Evaluating, or re-evaluating, your consumers’ behaviours and actions will help ensure that your marketing efforts are relevant and set up to produce a positive ROI.Here Are 12 Reasons Businesses Should Invest Heavily Into Online Marketing After Lockdown
  1. Shopping online is here to stay
Due to physical barriers and stay-at-home practices, the majority of the population is spending their money differently. The rapid acceptance of e-commerce and omnichannel services shows no signs of slowing down. The majority of customers who have expanded their usage of digital and omnichannel services, such as home delivery, curb side pickup, and social media purchasing, intend to continue doing so in the future.
  1. There is a decline in brand loyalty
Brand loyalty has been disrupted as a result of this overall shift in customer behaviour in reaction to COVID-19. Many consumers are experimenting with new brands, and the majority are adding new private-label goods to their shopping list. Marketers must recognize when a customer switches brands quickly.
  1. Marketing localization
Localized marketing will become increasingly important as more people move out of cities and into the suburbs and rural areas. Consumers are mostly browsing neighbourhood businesses or purchasing more local products. Localized content will be more vital than ever in order to strengthen a relationship with the audience. Localization will increase marketing automation and data mining, as marketers try to increase their ROI.
  1. Consumers Expect More
One of the most remarkable outcomes of the pandemic was the speed at which traditional physical behaviours and activities have moved online. Without a doubt, a trend toward digitising business-to-consumer relationships was already underway before the pandemic, but COVID-19 regulations forced enterprises to expand their online products to remain available to consumers and come online if they weren’t already.Businesses have had to adapt their strategies regardless of the industry, whether it was event planners producing virtual events, fashion designers using online purchasing platforms and roadside pickup services, or schools and institutions providing virtual campus tours and admission sessions.
  1. Cost-effective
Digital marketing is significantly less expensive than traditional marketing. Prices vary depending on what you’re doing, but advertising costs are often cheaper than other types of promotion.
  1. Online marketing exposes brands to a large audience
As the first step in the marketing funnel, brand awareness is crucial for getting customers. Brand awareness refers to people’s ability to recall and recognize your business. The online space offers endless opportunities for your products and services to reach a global audience, especially on social media. South Africa had 25 million users of social media in January 2021, according to Satista (2022) estimates that 3.6 billion people used social media worldwide in 2020, with a projected increase to practically 4.41 billion in 2025. You can therefore imagine the kind of leverage you’ll have online for your brand, as well as the possibility of scaling your customer base globally.
  1. Digital Migration
While individuals have been steadily switching to digital platforms over the past few years, the pandemic has sped up this process. This trend is noticeable among Generation Z and Millennials, and it is predicted to continue. This forces marketers to design new techniques for connecting with clients from a marketing viewpoint. E-commerce and digital media adoption are crucial for ensuring business continuity. As a consequence, marketers will be able to exploit fresh data, tailor market offerings, and discover new market niches. Analytics will play a significant role in predicting and recognizing market trends, making it a necessary marketing skill.
  1. Tracking
In addition to engaging with your customers, digital marketing also allows you to track their behaviour. You can track what ads they’ve seen before they buy something. You can fine-tune and optimize your marketing strategy by learning the most effective marketing strategies.
  1. Influencer Engagement
Many of today’s most powerful personalities use the internet or social media to market themselves. It is possible to engage these influencers and gain their trust through online marketing. As long as you play your cards well, you can convince influencers to recommend you, converting their followers into customers and spreading brand awareness.
  1. Print Enhancement
You may use online marketing to complement your print advertising strategy. You may go into deeper detail by creating online content that reinforces claims made in print advertising, optimizing the efficiency of all sources of publicity and integrating your efforts.
  1. High Reach 
The reach of internet marketing is uncapped. As a result, you may accept orders for your product or service from all over the world, rather than just one region. Even if you go worldwide, you may still target a certain group of people. As a result, it’s a win-win situation.
  1. Increase in ROI
By investing in ads and driving conversions, businesses can improve their revenue from digital media. Digital media requires far less investment and yields significantly larger returns than mainstream media. You can run ads for as little as $10 on most digital platforms.You might be thinking that this is a lot to take in and that you just want to focus on your business while the online stuff takes care of itself. That’s where we come in as your full-service digital marketing partner. Our team isn’t just good at marketing; we live for it. We are dedicated to helping you grow your brand into the industry-leading titan it deserves to be. Whether it’s updating your website, creating engaging and awesome content, or launching ad campaigns, we give you back time and energy, so you can focus on more important things in your business.Visit for more information or call us on +27 (0) 82 826 5714 |Email: 

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