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How you can use South Africa’s top marketing trends to your advantage

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Today’s competition is super hectic in the game, and the marketing industry is constantly evolving. Its very nature can only be defined by innovation and evolution; how we did things 10 years ago isn’t how we’re doing it nowadays.

From the brands we know and love to the advertisements we engage in daily, the personal opinions and beliefs of people have changed due to continuous growth and innovation.

Now that the metaverse is upon us, our way of life as we know it will forever change due to this crazy phenomenon that’s coming into the global market. People will have to adapt to new standards of living, and marketers will have to develop powerful marketing strategies to bring households into their domain. 

It’s absurd but inevitable.

As of now, that hasn’t happened yet. And this gives us, as marketers, the advantage of refining our marketing systems and projecting future performance within the WEB 3.0 world. Before Facebook ads were invented, what was your sure-fire way to get ads to people? It is likely to be billboard advertising, TV advertising, or even possibly email marketing. The bottom line is that customers want empathetic and valuable interactions – and they want them at the right time and in the right place. Keeping up with the latest, up-to-the-minute needs of the customer has never been more relevant, or more important. 

So let’s dive into what you need to know.

Here are three ways you can use South Africa’s top marketing trends to your advantage

  1. To harness customer trends, marketers need the right IT.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by marketers today is the pressure to engage with customers on the right channel, at the right time, with personalised content. (And this isn’t limited to B2C interactions either: the increasing demand for consumer experiences in the B2B sector was confirmed by 82% of global market leaders.)

  1. Trust and transparency are vital

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that today’s marketers are involved across the entire customer journey, not just marketing. Gaining a single view of the customer is essential for delivering an amazing customer experience across sales, service, and ecommerce. According to CNBC AFRICA, 69% of global survey respondents think traditional marketing roles limit customer engagement.


More than 75% of marketers in South Africa share goals and metrics with sales, service, and ecommerce teams.

81% of respondents across the world collaborate with the sales team on account-based marketing programmes.

The trend for cross-team collaboration and a single view of the customer is here to stay.

  1. AI is being mainstreamed.

In the months ahead, innovation is both a challenge and a priority – and AI is the biggest opportunity in this regard. According to South African marketers, the top four uses of AI are:

  • Driving next best actions.
  • Smarter segmentation and lookalike modelling.
  • Automating processes to give staff more time to focus on creativity.