You are currently viewing Our Latest Award: Most Innovative Advertising Agency 2024 

Our Latest Award: Most Innovative Advertising Agency 2024 

The 7th annual African Excellence Awards results are in and it is welcome news!

Butterfly Creative Concepts has received the award for Most Innovative Advertising Agency in South Africa 2024.

The African Excellence Awards programme is proudly hosted by MEA Markets.

‘Our team of highly trained and committed journalists, contributors, researchers and worldwide industry insiders are on hand to ensure that our global readership enjoys 24/7 access to timely and entertaining content that keeps them up to date with the ins and outs of this fast moving region.’

Their African Excellence Awards recognises the exceptional accomplishments of businesses throughout the African continent. It honours top achievements across various sectors, highlighting companies that have significantly contributed to the continent’s growth and prosperity. These awards showcase the exemplary standards and successes within Africa’s diverse business landscape.

The 2024 awards process is designed to be straightforward and equitable. Alongside standard nominations, their in-house research team identifies, evaluates and honours businesses they deem worthy of recognition. This approach ensures that businesses of all sizes and specialisations are judged equally. Participation in these awards is completely free.

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