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Marketing Advice

Taking advantages of the wide reach, gained by Facebook, you will find your PRIMARY targets in NO TIME!!!

Facebook is the perfect space for marketing BUT with the wrong marketing style it won’t be useful!!


1. TOO FOCUSED ON SELLING: It should be about a conversation which promotes the brands lifestyle NOT pushing products in user’s faces on Facebook. Users want content that they can relay to!

2. IGNORING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK: Negative feedback is inevitable! Ignoring negative feedback can cause more harm than good THAT’S why you need to turn is upside down into a positive feedback. It is possible by responding  THOUGHTFULLY and PROMPTLY to Facebook users.

3. HAVING THE WRONG OBJECTIVE: The wrong objectives can lead to an unsuccessful campaign. Therefore brands need to be mindful and objective when the advert is created.

4. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: It is the SECRET INGREDIENT!! List out a specific profile of your prospect which will help you tailor your adverts to the right audience.

5. POSTING THE WRONG CONTENT: Posting should be your FIRST PRIORITY!! That’s why you should create an editorial calendar and focus on inspiring your audience. Inspire your audience by adding behind-the-scene pictures and videos of the company or events.

Marketing requires CREATIVITY!! If you can’t do it – get someone who can!! Contact us NOW!!

With you constantly staying ahead of the latest changes of Facebook, you will be able to INSPIRE, REACH and ENGAGE your audience…!