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Butterfly Creative Concepts Ranked at the Pinnacle of its Peers!

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Butterfly Creative Concepts has Been Selected by the Global Business Insight Awards as the Most Outstanding Marketing & Advertising Agency 2021 – Garden Route

But that’s not all. We also Won the Award for Excellence in Content Creation 2021 – Western Cape.

We are honoured to receive the prestigious title and accolade awarded by the 2021 Global Business Insight Awards celebrating business leadership, innovation in finance and investment and sector success across all seven continents of the world.

Nominated through a legitimately independent process, each of the winners is carefully selected by the corporate community, raising the kudos of these annual awards.

About the 2021 Global Business Insight Awards

‘The 2021 Global Business Insight Awards are an exact illustration of the very best this essential and competitive industry has to offer. By concentrating on individuals, teams and organisations from a wealth of disciplines – from CEOs to young entrepreneurs, large corporations to sole traders, best procurement to best innovation and everything in between – our awards endeavour to identify and celebrate those who fall within the Business Insight umbrella, whilst not forgetting the advisors who helped to get them there!’

How are the Winners Selected?

‘Ensuring that the award evaluation process is neutral and valid is a key priority and as a consequence votes are gathered year-round via a number of digital channels and then evaluated employing a transparent and dynamic framework.

For each of the awards programmes we utilise quantitative and qualitative studies which have been conducted by our experienced research teams and by measuring each business against a precise set of appraisal criteria, we have created a unique model which assures the validity of our results.

The criteria and sub-criteria offer a robust set of requirements that are then used as the methodology to not only benchmark but also create a depth of understanding amidst the participating businesses, ultimately allowing us to ensure that we capture different dimensions of the same phenomenon.’

Who are the Judges?

‘The judges of the 2021 Global Business Insight Awards are highly experienced and diverse. The panel is made up of transnational and multilingual appointed individuals whose backgrounds span a host of different disciplines such as European languages, journalism, history, media and not least business. Headed up by an experienced academic leader of international schooling – who boasts years of coaching practice and is well-informed in research practices and the verification of facts and facilitation – the panel are able to run efficiently and dependably, ultimately ensuring the weight of these awards.’

Thank You!

To our clients, loved ones and business partners: Thank you, from all of us at Butterfly Creative Concepts.

Here’s to the next one!